Aerial Robotix uses unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to carry out aerial surveys and mapping. We accomplish this by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. With the captured data, we then create Orthophoto mosaics, 3D digital elevation and terrain models.

Using a drone for aerial survey and mapping has several distinct advantages over the use of conventional aerial photography and/or GPS measurements in the field:

  • Reduced Risk
  • Quick deployment and acquisition of data
  • Cost effective – up to 4 times cheaper than conventional methods
  • Can be flown below cloud cover
  • Better resolution and accuracy compared to conventional aerial photography

With the use of photogrammetry, we can obtain the height of a terrain or object. For each height (Z) we can also extract the co-ordinates (X, Y). Using this information, we can quickly create a digital terrain model, or if two 3D terrain models are taken from the same location at different time intervals the differences can calculated.

The quality of these 3D digital terrain models is very high. Recent projects have shown a maximum deviation of only 20 mm. The measured density (point density) can be more than 1000 points per square meter!

In collaboration with our partners Pisces Offshore Limited also based in Lagos, we are also able to create digital terrain models that extend below the water.