About Aerial Robotix

Aerial Robotix was set up in 2016 to provide services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the West African region. Based in Lagos Nigeria, Aerial Robotix is a 100% indigenous Nigerian company that aims to be the leading drone service provider and partner of choice for our clients.

Our personnel have a vast amount of experience in geodesy, topographic surveying, inspections, aerial imagery and 3D visualization within our company. This enables us to produce concise and detailed reports without having to expose personnel to the risks of conventional and potentially hazardous methods of acquiring data.

How We operate

Here at Aerial Robotix we take our operations very seriously.

We believe every client deserves professional and dependable operators to carry out their aerial projects.  From constant interaction with our clients and the aviation authority, we make sure we adhere to our operations manual which contain strict quality and safety policies that ensure safe and reliable operations.

Aerial Robotix currently holds its Nigerian ROC issued by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority