Aerial Robotixs’ unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are capable of reaching places that are difficult, dangerous, ‘live’, expensive, or even impossible to reach by conventional manned inspection teams.

Using our various types of drones Aerial Robotix can inspect both external and internal locations, on/offshore installations and structures in multiple environments.  This offers a safe, cost effective and quick alternative to convectional inspections by scaffolding, crane or rope access which can be dangerous, time consuming and costly.

A range of remote sensors can be integrated into our drones allowing various types of inspections to be carried out. Aerial Robotix uses up to 50 MP cameras to capture clear high-resolution data to visualise and detect the smallest anomalies without the need for shutting down or isolating the asset. Infra-Red imagery also offers further insight into heat leakage, insulation issues or the detection of potential combustion sources.

Our inspection services can be performed as regular, emergency or planned maintenance.  Our inspection services are not just limited to oil and gas installations, we also inspect buildings, bridges, roads, railways, telecom or high voltage pylons.

Aerial Robotix has a partnership with Bureau Veritas Nigeria delivering approved inspection reports. This gives an invaluable insight into the asset’s condition which is delivered to our clients allowing calculated operational and maintenance decisions without or limiting the turnaround or shutdown period. This is all executed in a quick, safe and cost effective manner.

In addition to the visual or infrared photography we are specialised in measuring from images using photogrammetry. This allows us not only to see a defect such as a visible crack, but also to measure its size.