The MD4-1000 was especially designed for a prolonged flight time and can stay in the air around 45 minutes. The motors are IP43, dust and watertight meaning that this UAS can fly in the rain as well as in sandy, dusty conditions.

In addition, it is designed to be operated up to wind force 5. It is equipped with a fail-safe mechanism meaning that if any problems are encountered such as loss of communication it will return to its start position and will land autonomously.

The MD4-1000 can carry up to 1.2kg payloads, Here at Aerial Robotix, we typically  use a 35 Mp camera for ultra-sharp images and detail.

The Microdrone MD4-1000 is extremely suited at working close to high voltage transmission lines and turbines. The MD4-1000 has been tested at the laboratory of the technical university of Dresden for operating in environments with high electromagnetic interference.